In dentistry, the more experience and motivation to learn the better. Is your dentist involved in research, teaching and continuing education? Do they show you results of their past work and testimonials? Do they assess your unique needs, risks and priorities? Do they use not only modern, but also proven methods? Do they explain treatments in a way that is easy for you to understand? No one receives a “tooth owner’s manual” when we get our teeth—we believe you deserve knowledge, evidence, and complete transparency to make powerful decisions for your own health. We always have time to speak with you, because we prioritize not only your teeth but your entire person.

Most importantly, try to ascertain what drives your dentist to enjoy their profession. Do they show a passion for dentistry and helping people without monetary motivation to run an office as a “chain business”? We believe that dentistry as a business must come second to our ultimate mandate: to bring long-term health and happiness to each and every individual we treat