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Many people would like to adjust their smile, perhaps because their teeth are crooked or too crowded. But for some, the idea of wearing braces seems hardly an improvement, even if it will bring them the results they seek. For them, the ability to adjust their teeth in a practically invisible manner is surely a welcome alternative.

At Kherani Dental at Aspen, we are pleased to offer you ClearCorrect dental aligners as an alternative to traditional braces. ClearCorrect does not rely on wires and metal brackets like metal braces. Rather, it uses a series of plastic aligners that are custom made to fit directly over your teeth, gradually moving them into the correct position.

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Dr. Kherani is the most knowledgeable and professional dentist I’ve ever seen. Not only is his work amazing, he is so gentle and kind during every procedure. His dental assistant, Angie, is awesome. She’s so considerate and knowledgeable. To say that I’m pleased with my smile makeover is an understatement! Dr. Kherani is the best there is. I am so happy that I chose him! In fact, I have a feeling I’ll be smiling a lot! 😉

— Karen Dueck

What Are the Advantages of ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect has many advantages over traditional metal braces, such as:

Nearly Invisible
Patients love the fact that ClearCorrect uses clear aligners that are so discreet that they will normally go completely unnoticed. You can smile with confidence knowing that you are straightening your teeth with no one the wiser.

They Are Removable
When you have normal braces, you are stuck with them for the duration of your treatment. There is no removing them until they come off for good. ClearCorrect dental aligners are removable, meaning you can take them out as needed and easily replace them any time you like.

More Convenient
With normal braces, you will be limited in the types of food you can eat and will have to pay extra attention if you engage in sports or other physical activities. With ClearCorrect, the ability to remove your clear aligners means that you can remove them when eating or playing sports.

Easier to Clean Your Teeth
Being able to remove your aligners doesn’t just make eating easier, it makes it easier to clean your teeth and the aligners themselves. Brushing and flossing with braces can be tricky, but with ClearCorrect, it’s a cinch.

Less Painful
With traditional braces, you may suffer from irritation to the soft tissue in your mouth. Wires and brackets can rub against your cheeks, causing abrasions. ClearCorrect aligners are a single, smooth piece that has no metal bits to cause irritation. Moving your teeth is also less painful as the aligners move your teeth with just the right amount of pressure.

Fewer Dental Appointments Necessary
Braces require more frequent trips to your dental professional to adjust and tighten them. Using ClearCorrect, you can bring home multiple aligners at once, progressing through them as your teeth gradually change position. This way, much of the planning for your treatment is done up-front and you will only have to make the occasional appointment to monitor progress.

Is ClearCorrect Right For You?

ClearCorrect dental aligners are an excellent option for many patients, but there are some cases where they may not be appropriate, such as with severe orthodontic issues. When you meet with us at Kherani Dental at Aspen, our expert team will perform an evaluation to see if they are right for you.

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