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When you have a dental emergency, you definitely don’t want to wait around to get the care you need. At Kherani Dental at Aspen, we provide emergency dental care so you can get back to feeling as good as new, as soon as possible. If you have an urgent dental concern, call our Calgary dental office directly at (403) 263-0055. If you’re not dealing with an oral health problem that needs attending to immediately, we recommend keeping our number handy so that if the situation does come up, you’ll know exactly who to call to get help.

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Dr. Kherani is the most knowledgeable and professional dentist I’ve ever seen. Not only is his work amazing, he is so gentle and kind during every procedure. His dental assistant, Angie, is awesome. She’s so considerate and knowledgeable. To say that I’m pleased with my smile makeover is an understatement! Dr. Kherani is the best there is. I am so happy that I chose him! In fact, I have a feeling I’ll be smiling a lot! 😉

— Karen Dueck

Emergency Dentist Calgary

When you are faced with a dental emergency, the last thing you want to do is wait for relief. Whether you are suffering from a sudden toothache or something more serious like a broken tooth, you want to be seen as soon as possible. Waiting several days for a dental appointment while enduring severe pain is not something anyone should have to face. It could even lead to complications like a tooth infection.

Your dental emergency requires a dental clinic that offers emergency dentist services.

What Can be Considered a Dental Emergency?

You may have a dental problem on your hands but feel unsure about whether it’s a full-on emergency. If one of your teeth has been knocked out or any of your permanent teeth are loose, then these are considered issues that need immediate attention. A cracked or fractured tooth and a severe tooth infection are also considered dental emergencies. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so if you’re unsure about how urgently you need dental care, contact our Calgary practice and we can let you know if you should come into our office soon or if it can wait for a later appointment.

When to See an Emergency Dentist

So, what is considered a dental emergency and when do you need an emergency dentist?

Pretty much anything can feel like a dental emergency when you are in severe pain. If it is not too painful, or if it can wait a few days, it isn’t a dental emergency. Sometimes, problems that seem serious at first, such as a chipped tooth that causes no pain, can wait for a regular dental appointment.

Some common dental emergencies include:

Unexplained Toothache

A sudden toothache with no evident cause can sometimes be a signal that something’s not right in your mouth. Seeing an emergency dentist is advised.

Swollen or Bleeding Gums

The occasional irritation is not a dental emergency, but if your gums continue bleeding for a prolonged period accompanied by pain and swelling, see an emergency dentist.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Having a tooth knocked out is cause for seeing an emergency dentist. Acting quickly offers the possibility of reinserting and saving the tooth. Pick up the tooth, avoiding the root. Rinse it, but do not scrub. If possible, reinsert the tooth in the socket, but if this is not possible, place it in a container of milk and proceed to the emergency dentist.

Lost Filling

Losing a filling can be considered a dental emergency because the tooth will be vulnerable, possibly resulting in chipping or a broken tooth. You might also find that the nerves have been exposed, which can lead to other dental issues as well.

Abscessed Tooth

A dental abscess is a serious dental emergency that requires a visit to the emergency dentist as soon as possible. Don’t delay in seeking treatment as the infection can spread to the jaw and surrounding tissue, as well as other areas of the body. Rinse your mouth several times with mild saltwater before you see the emergency dentist. This will help draw the pus from the infection to the surface.

Food or Other Object Lodged Between Teeth

While this may not sound as serious as other dental emergencies, having a piece of food or other object lodged between your teeth that you are unable to remove is a reason to see the emergency dentist. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but it may also cause gum irritation and tooth decay. It may also cause your teeth to shift position and may even lead to an infection.

Covering Your Emergency Dentistry Costs

You may be wondering if emergency dentistry is expensive, and thinking that if so, you’ll just wait to see a dentist. The problem is, waiting around could give the problem time to worsen and just end up costing you more time and trouble later on. While when and how you get dental care is always your choice, we believe it’s important to address any oral health issues promptly. Your insurance may cover dental emergency costs, so we advise checking your specific plan. If you have any questions about your out-of-pocket costs, please don’t hesitate to discuss with the Kherani Dental at Aspen team.

Emergency Dental Clinic in Calgary

Not every dental issue will be considered a dental emergency. If you are unsure if your situation requires an emergency dentist, contact our Calgary dental clinic, we can help you determine if it is a true dental emergency, or if you can wait for a dental appointment.

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