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Are you considering dental implants to replace missing teeth or a broken tooth? If you want a permanent solution that will give you back lost teeth and your confidence to smile wide, this oral surgery is an excellent option. While the decision to have implant surgery to install an artificial tooth can understandably make some people nervous, know that dental implants have been performed for more than 50 years, with a 98% success rate!

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth used when you have one or more missing teeth and either can’t have or don’t want dentures or other options. A dental implant works the same as a natural tooth, allowing for proper chewing and talking, and can resolve other problems caused by missing teeth. The implant can also restore confidence and a healthy smile.

A Dental Implant Consists of the Following:

  • A titanium post is surgically inserted into the jawbone to serve as an anchor.

  • A replacement crown, typically ceramic or acrylic, is affixed to the post when replacing a single tooth.

  • A bridge or new set of teeth to replace multiple teeth.

Dental implant procedures take one or more sessions, depending on how many. teeth are missing and their location. We will take a 3D radiograph of several teeth to allow for proper planning of the implant procedure.

Recovery time from the dental implant procedure depends on the type of material used for the dental implant process and the presence of other medical conditions. The implant itself integrates into the jawbone, acting as a new tooth root, but implant therapy may require several months to heal completely.

Once we have your post in place, we will attach the new artificial tooth or artificial teeth. During the healing process, this may be a temporary new tooth or dental implant crown. Once the healing is completed, it will be replaced by the permanent tooth. During this time, you can expect some swelling, tenderness, bruising, and bleeding, which is entirely normal.

Advantages of a Dental Implant

Choosing to receive a dental implant at Aspen Dental has many advantages such as:

Dental implants in Calgary
Dental implants
Dental implants in Calgary

How Many Dental Implants Can I Get at Once?

Generally speaking, only a few dental implants are needed, even if you’re replacing all of your teeth. Three teeth can be anchored by one dental implant, so it’s not necessary, or even practical, for a dental implant dentist to use different implants for each tooth.

Most patients request the whole dental crown surgery be done in one session, but others prefer to split it into two separate procedures. You will discuss treatment plan options with our oral surgeons here and choose one that works best for you!

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants are an excellent means of restoring your smile by replacing one or more missing teeth. At Kherani Dental at Aspen, we will meet with you to assess your dental health, and your needs and determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. Our surgeons have been performing dental implants in Calgary for years, and are well versed in the different treatment options and plans. Call us today to take the first step toward a treatment plan and a brighter smile!