Bankview is a charming neighborhood located in the southwest quadrant of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is known for its stunning views of the city, eclectic mix of homes, and diverse population. The neighborhood is situated close to downtown Calgary, making it a popular choice for young professionals and families.

One of the highlights of Bankview is its vibrant cultural scene. The neighborhood is home to several galleries, including the Art Point Gallery and Studios, as well as several theaters, including the Pumphouse Theatre. Residents of Bankview also enjoy easy access to several parks and green spaces, including the popular Bankview Park and the nearby Bow River pathway, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation.

Bankview is also known for its excellent dining options. The neighborhood is home to several popular restaurants and cafes, including the Little Lebanon and Analog Coffee, making it a hub for foodies and coffee lovers.

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Bankview Information

Elevation: 3,527′

Population: 5,068 (2006)

Postal code: T2T

Province: Alberta

Area codes: +1-403, +1-587

Ward: 8