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Gum disease creeps stealthily into your mouth. Unchecked gingivitis can quickly transform into full blown gum disease, and you might not know what changes to look for. Unfortunately, this sneaky infection, which can leave you more exposed to harm from heart disease or diabetes, is often not detected until it has progressed too far for prevention based dental hygiene therapy. When you’re brushing your teeth, look out for these signs:

● Bleeding during brushing or flossing is the first warning sign, signaling the presence of Gingivitis, the precursor of Periodontitis. Thorough, effective dental hygiene can stop gingivitis from progressing further.

● Gums that are puffy and red around your teeth are a sure sign of the toxins that create gum disease.

● Halitosis: Bacteria and toxins from gum disease or dental infection can make your breath downright noxious.

● Receding Gums: You might not notice that your gums are shrinking, but your teeth may appear to be longer. This is happening because the amount of calculus on the roots of your teeth and the toxins that are part of it make it impossible for your gums to adhere to the teeth the way they should.

● Sensitive Teeth: You might not be able to see them, but the roots of your teeth are left exposed when the gums swell, detach, or recede. The roots don’t have a protective coat of enamel, so cold and heat will affect them more than usual. You might find yourself avoiding cold drinks just so your teeth don’t hurt!

● Teeth that Move: As the affected gums pull away from the roots, you might be shocked to notice your teeth moving! It won’t be an obvious movement, the way a loose baby tooth is, but you’ll start to notice a tooth that tilts or turns, or that your teeth don’t fit together as well when you bite.

● Mouth Sores are one of the least well recognized symptoms of gum disease. You can get them for other reasons, too, but when they accompany other symptoms, you should be aware and make an appointment with Dr. Kherani or Dr. Young ASAP!

● Pus in the gums can signal an abscessed tooth or it could be due to progressing gum disease. You may find it accompanying a sore or simply under the gums as you brush. It can be a source for the bad breath that’s been plaguing you. Anytime you find or suspect you have pus in your gums or teeth, visiting our Calgary dentist is a priority!

Gum Treatments in Calgary

Being aware of the symptoms of gum disease is only half the battle. There are plenty of products on the market that claim to help, treat, or cure it, but the only real treatment is at your Calgary dentist’s office. It can only be reversed in the early stages of gingivitis, so keeping up with your six-month dental appointments and regular dental hygiene is a key part of gum health! If you’ve started to see signs that your gums need attention, make your appointment at Kherani Dental at Aspen in Calgary as soon as possible.