If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you have a cavity, the symptoms may not be as obvious as you thought they were supposed to be. Not all tooth decay causes pain or dark discoloration and “holes” that you can see in the mirror. Here are more common symptoms to be on the lookout for:

Something Feeling Odd When You Bite Down — Sometimes, symptoms of cavities aren’t as specific as we think they should be. You may just feel as if something is “off” when you’re biting and chewing during a meal. You may not even be able to tell exactly what tooth it’s coming from. Because this symptom is also seen in cracked teeth, it’s vital that you get a dental exam as soon as possible.

Sensitivity to Particular Foods or Beverages — It doesn’t have to be candy; sweet foods and drinks (like your tea or coffee) often cause noticeable sensitivity in specific teeth when tooth decay is present. Pay attention to what you’re eating and discuss your observations with our Calgary dentist.

Rough Surfaces You Can Feel With Your Tongue — Your tongue can pick up on even the slightest of changes in your smile. As you run it along your teeth, do you notice something that feels rough or sharp? It could be the start of a cavity. Or it might be an older restoration that’s starting to pull away from your tooth. Regardless of which one it is, your dentist will need to check the area at your earliest convenience.

Floss Catching on Your Tooth — Floss is designed to slip between teeth and below the gumlines. As you slide it back up, it may catch on areas like leaking old fillings or a new cavity. If it feels stuck or starts to shred, it’s time to have the tooth looked at. Carefully slide it out from the side, rather than forcefully pulling the floss out of place.

Food Collecting in Specific Areas During Meals — Both cavities and gum disease have a tendency to create problem areas that food collects in. If you’re finding that you need to floss or get a toothpick to clean a particular area every time you eat, you need to tell your dentist.

Getting a Diagnosis

The only way to find out for certain if you have a cavity, is to schedule an exam and X-ray with our dentist in Calgary. Our digital imaging and professional examination can give you the answers you need. After all, some cavities can rest deep below areas that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

At Kherani Dental in Aspen, Dr. Sam Kherani makes it a point to try to diagnose cavities as early as possible. Early intervention allows us to treat decay in ways that are less invasive to your teeth and prevent the infection from expanding into more areas. Sometimes, the earliest stages of tooth demineralization can be completely reversed, so that weak enamel doesn’t develop into a cavity at all.

Schedule your six-month dental checkup with our Calgary dentist today to prevent unexpected cavities from popping up when you least expect them.