Have you lived your life with crooked teeth? Does just the thought of orthodontics make your mouth hurt? Do you ever wish there was a way to get a more beautiful smile without the time commitment of braces or even Invisalign?

If your teeth need a purely cosmetic fix, Kherani Dental at Aspen has a great option for you: Did you know we can change your smile in just a few short visits?

What Veneers Can Do

Porcelain veneers are a dream come true for our patients with mild to moderate cosmetic concerns about their teeth.

Veneers are micro-thin porcelain shells that sit over top of your natural teeth.  If your teeth are too short or worn down, veneers can lengthen them. Teeth that are narrow and poorly shaped can be made to look wider and more typical.

Whether your problem is the shape, the size, or how they line up, veneers can give your teeth a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Many Hollywood stars have veneers to get their mega-watt smiles. They can help your smile shine brighter, too.

What Veneers Can’t Do

Veneers, unfortunately, aren’t a total fix for your teeth. In fact, if you have some dental health issues, those will need to be corrected first, because porcelain veneers won’t:

Protect your teeth: Though covered, your teeth are still vulnerable to decay. Care for your investment meticulously to keep your teeth healthy

Fill or fix cavities or abscesses: If you have cavities or an abscess, they must be treated before you place veneers in your mouth.  Covering a tooth with an active cavity will only make the tooth decay faster, and then the veneer would have to come out before Dr. Kherani could fill it. And while crowns are also made of porcelain, they cannot be replaced by a veneer.

Actually straighten teeth: Teeth or a jaw that needs to be straightened or widened may require orthodontic treatment for a permanent effect.  Veneers fix the look of your smile teeth only, molars, in particular, are not covered or affected. (But Invisalign may be able to help!)

Just A Few Short Visits

Of all the cosmetic dental procedures, veneers have one of the quickest payoffs. Over the course of a month you can get a dramatically improved smile.

During your consultation appointment, you can describe to Dr. Kherani what you want from the treatment. He will create a custom designed smile for you to look over, or show you pictures of what’s possible with various cosmetic treatment. Once you choose the shape, color, and size of your veneers, he will remove a tiny portion of enamel from your teeth and take a set of impressions. The lab will use the models to create your custom set of veneers. On the third visit, Dr. Kherani will bond them directly over your teeth. You’ll go home with a new smile!

Ready for brilliant looking teeth? Contact Kherani Dental at Aspen. In just a few short visits, you’ll have the confidence you get from knowing your smile is one in a million!