Dental health is serious business. In the past you may have thought brushing, flossing, and getting to the dentist in Calgary twice a year was all you had to do. But as you get older, you’ll begin to realize that your teeth may not last your entire life. And if that’s the case, what are you going to do?

Choosing between bridges, dentures, and implants is a major decision for your dental health.  There are many factors to consider, like the number of teeth missing, the health of your jawbone, the health of surrounding teeth, and your age. You should weigh the options as well as the impacts of each type of prosthetic in order to make a best and final decision about how it will benefit your smile and your overall health!

Concerning Your Jaw: Changes Over Time

When you bite and chew, you help maintain the structure of your jaw bones. The constant pressure lets your body know that those particular bones need the minerals that will keep it strong.

But when teeth are removed for any reason, an interesting thing happens. The bone in the area of the missing tooth/teeth begins to lose density. It gets “soft” and starts to shrink. Teeth near this area can shift and turn, affecting your bite and the shape of your smile.

Dentures and Bridges have one big thing in common.  Both treatments are intended to sit above your jaw. While both provide the structure needed to maintain your smile, the structure of your jaw will continue to change. Implants, however, are actually placed in the jawbone; as such, they help maintain the shape of your jaw and the health of your smile!

Gum Health is Important Too!

Dentures, even if they have been fitted well, can rub on your gums and may cause sore spots. Bridges are crowns that float above your gums, attached on either side to a crown abutment (that fits over a supporting tooth) that bears the weight of chewing. Both dentures and bridges require special cleaning techniques to keep your gums healthy. Otherwise, you open yourself up to gingivitis and gum disease.

Dental implants, however, require the same regular care you give to your teeth: brushing, flossing, and routine visits with our Calgary dentist.

Consider Your Individual Needs and Lifestyle

When making your decision about replacing missing teeth, take into consideration your individual needs. A dental bridge is a good choice for one missing tooth in a younger adult, while a partial denture might be better for someone who has several missing teeth in the same arch.

But even though a denture or bridge may restore the ability to chew and smile, in 10-15 years, they’ll wear out and need to be replaced.

Before you make a final decision about how to invest in your smile, make an appointment to talk to Dr. Kherani in our Calgary dentist office. We’ll help you consider the difference between a good choice for now and a great choice for the rest of your life!