Lose 20 pounds. Find a new job. Get more sleep. New year’s resolutions–we all make them, but how many of us really follow through? This year, we can help you make a resolution you’re sure to keep. Read on for a few simple steps to guarantee you have healthier teeth in 2019.


According to a study done by the Center for Disease Control, only around a third of us floss daily. If you’re not in that group, it’s time to change that. The benefits of flossing are proven, and it’s known that brushing alone can’t fully remove decay-causing plaque and bacteria from your mouth. If you’ve been struggling to get into the habit of flossing, try varying your routine by adding a water flosser to your bathroom counter. Forget to floss? Stick a note on the mirror with a friendly reminder to floss before bed.

Cut Out Tooth-Wrecking Habits

When you mindlessly chew on your fingernails, for example, you may not be thinking about the damage you’re doing to your teeth. But habits like nail biting, eating ice cubes, grinding your teeth, using your teeth as a tool, and smoking cigarettes can all put your permanent teeth at risk. Whatever the habit, committing to breaking it in 2019 will be a huge step toward protecting your oral health. Breaking a habit can be a huge challenge, but patience and persistence can go a long way. A few tips: minimize boredom with a stress ball or putty, and keep a habit tracker. Reward yourself with a manicure, for example, after reaching progress points.

Cultivate A Healthy Diet

Work on a healthy diet this year and your whole body, teeth included, will thank you. Putting a number on this goal can feel daunting and frustrating. Focus on smaller, more tangible goals such as swapping out sugar for something sugar free. Do your research and learn what foods are bad for your teeth and which ones can benefit and even clean them. Learn how to make those foods a part of your everyday diet in the new year.

Come Visit Us in 2019

Oral health just cannot be obtained without your twice-yearly visit to Kherani Dental at Aspen. We’re here to help you keep your teeth strong and healthy, educate you about care, and tackle any dental damage that may arise. If you don’t have your next appointment scheduled, contact us today!