If you’ve been trying to make a decision about how to enhance the appearance of your teeth or eliminate embarrassing flaws in your tooth’s appearance, our Calgary dentist offers a variety of different cosmetic dental treatments to choose from.

In most cases, our smile makeover treatment plans include a combination of different aesthetic procedures, made to fit the unique smile (and budget) of our individual patients. Based on your personal preferences, goals, and immediate needs, we can help you curate a cosmetic dental plan that changes the way you feel about your smile.

Smile Makeover Options

Professional Teeth Whitening — Safely lighten the color of your teeth, to help them look younger and more vibrant. Whitening is great to consider before starting any other type of cosmetic treatment, as your new dental work can be matched against the lighter tooth enamel on neighboring teeth. Teeth whitening is also a perfect stand-alone aesthetic treatment, as it significantly brightens the color of your smile.

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings — When cavities strike, our composite restorations repair the area of compromised enamel without inhibiting the overall appearance of your teeth. We can sometimes change out older silver fillings with white ones, so that you don’t have to worry about dark grey areas showing up when you smile for photos.

Minimally Invasive Bonding — Correcting a small chip or gap in your tooth is a fairly straightforward process. Using tooth colored composite materials, Dr. Kherani can reshape the area so that your tooth appears properly shaped. Numbing usually isn’t even necessary. Bonding is preferred if there are only one or two teeth with smaller aesthetic flaws.

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers — A badly damaged, misshaped, or aesthetically challenged tooth can be masked so that it appears full and healthy again. While crowns play more of a restorative and functional role, veneers are bonded over the front of healthy teeth simply to change their appearance.

Tooth Recontouring — Smooth uneven tooth edges and adjust the shape of disproportionate teeth, for a healthier, balanced appearance to your overall smile. Recontouring is commonly combined with whitening, bonding, and veneers.

Clear Orthodontic Aligners — Invisalign braces are ideal for busy adults and working professionals. As you’re straightening your smile, the translucent trays blend in with your teeth so that other people never realize you’re in braces.

Planning Your Cosmetic Treatment Plan

Depending on how many teeth need to be adjusted, you may be able to complete your smile makeover in just one appointment. Until you’ve schedule a smile makeover consultation with our Calgary dentist, you’ll never know what options you truly have.

During your examination, we’ll outline various options so that you can select the one that best fits your budget. Affordable financing plans are also available, as cosmetic procedures are typically not covered by insurance.

Kherani Dental at Aspen is dedicated to making your cosmetic experience a comfortable and positive one. Contact us today to schedule a visit with Dr. Sam Kherani to learn more.