Have you been told that you or your teenager needs wisdom teeth removal? Don’t delay! Summer is actually one of the best times to get wisdom teeth removed–read on to learn why.

1. Flexible Schedule

If your teen needs their wisdom teeth out, the beauty of the summer is that school’s out and their schedule is more flexible. This makes it that much easier to find a time slot that will work for you, your child, and your dental provider.

2. Time to Recover

Once again, sweet summer freedom means that there is plenty of time to recover. Your teenager won’t have to worry about missing classes, assignments, practices, and other important activities while recovering. Recovery time differs from person to person. Most people will need to lay low and rest in the first few days following surgery, though it generally takes around two weeks to completely heal.

3. No Sports

If your teenager plays a sport, they are likely taking a break from regular practices and games during the summer. Following surgery, most patients will have to take a week off from any sports that have potential for contact, such as basketball, football, soccer, and hockey. Additionally, a mouthguard may cause pain or discomfort while the extraction sites are healing, and since contact sports should never be played without a mouthguard, the break may need to last until they completely heal.

4. Close To Home

If you have a kid in college, you’ll want them to have their wisdom surgery at home with your trusted family dentist over a break from school. While the procedure is routine, it’s still surgery, and you want to minimize any risk of complications during their recovery. You’ll want to help your child stay nourished, hydrated, and comfortable as they rest and heal.

5. Cool Treats

Summer is a fun time to eat popsicles, ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, and other refreshing treats. And recovery from oral surgery calls for lots of soft foods that are easy to eat. Soft, cool treats will help ease your teen’s discomfort and lift their spirits. Encourage them to stick with low-sugar options and to avoid straws!

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary, AB

The only way to know for sure that you or your teenager needs wisdom teeth removal is to come visit us here at Kherani Dental at Aspen. We’ll take dental X-rays and examine your mouth to determine whether or not the teeth need to be extracted. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!