You can be the best teeth brusher or the most devoted flosser, but at some point in your lifetime, you’ll most likely experience the inevitable toothache. Ranging from the most common cause, cavities, to more serious causes such as gingivitis, there are several factors that can lead to tooth pain.

1. Weak Enamel

Whether it’s hot soup or a popsicle, your teeth may react sharply to drastic temperature changes. These sharp pains could be a result of cavities, or they could also indicate that your enamel is thin and eroded. Weak enamel exposes your nerves to outside forces, causing you to experience severe tooth sensitivity.

2. Tooth Fractures

A variety of factors can chip or crack your tooth, such as falling, accidentally bumping into things, or biting down too hard. If you get a fracture, the pain can be excruciating, especially when the fissure cuts through the middle of your tooth and reaches the nerves. If left untreated, your crack can worsen over time and cause more damage and discomfort. If you fracture your tooth it’s important to have it treated by Dr. Kherani as soon as possible.

3. Gum Disease

A lack of proper oral care creates a breeding ground for bacteria in your mouth. If bad bacteria linger, they can cause gum inflammation at or below your gum line which can lead to infection. If left untreated, this leads to periodontal disease, a more serious stage of gum disease, which negatively affects your oral health and causes agonizing toothaches.

Don’t Ignore Your Tooth Pain

Toothaches can range in severity and while intermittent pain may be seemingly harmless, we recommend that you still visit us to get it checked out. The causes of toothaches are not always clear, and the possibility of the pain becoming long-term and detrimental to your overall health is nonetheless a serious cause for concern.

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