It is my distinct pleasure to be back to serve as a General Dentist to the Calgary community. My main interest is to make sure that those I serve have a pleasant experience with an end-result of long-lasting dental solutions. Furthermore, the focus is also on Functional and Aesthetic solutions that allow our patients to be both healthy and stay young. Ever since I graduated from dental school 37 years ago, technology, materials and procedures have been changing. I have immersed myself in Continuing Education (both learning and teaching) in order to bring the best, latest, and proven treatment modalities to those I serve.

We humans are living a lot longer and our teeth and gums are healthier due to readily available dental and dental hygiene services. So as we age, there is a need to keep our teeth looking and feeling young and vibrant; hence, the need for more aesthetic services. We are happy to say that our profession has been fortunate enough to be able to develop the techniques to realize this end result. I encourage all my patients to ask questions about their teeth and gums and be part of the decision-making on treatment. Your teeth and gums will be part of your body for a lifetime. I have always said the following as a statement that informs the best dental practice: “The best kind of dentistry is when the right thing is done the first time, it is done really well, and that it lasts a very, very long time.”


Dr. Shamshudin (Sam) Kherani